Safety First Safety AlwaysIt is AC Landscapes and Treeworks UK Ltd. top priority ensuring our employees, the public and our clients remain safe and healthy. Our intentions are to work with clients in a way that respect the Health and Safety Law (Health and Safety at Work Act 1974) and that abides by the guidelines for safe working practices and technical competence consistent with British standards, which have been achieved with our exceptional AC Training team.

We will ensure the following;

• Risk Assessment’s
• Maintenance of Equipment
• Deployment of Qualified staff
• Monitoring of Safety
• Site Protection

Insurance Provision’s

• Up-to-date Public Liability Insurance £5m
• Up-to-date Employer’s Liability Insurance £10m
• Up-to-date Professional indemnity £2m
• Up-to-date Plant all risks Insurance £200k

What does Safety First Safety Always mean?

“The statement of “Safety First, Safety Always” is a simple but effective statement set out by AC Landscapes and Treeworks UK Ltd. This statement has been kept simple because thats how we wish health and safety to be within the company. A lot of companies can complicate health and safety and make it difficult for employees to understand the importance of health and safety. By keeping it simple and effective AC Landscapes and Treeworks UK Ltd can then use this a building blocks to ensure it effectiveness from every individual here at AC Landscapes and Treeworks UK Ltd.

AC Landscapes and Treeworks UK Ltd will always put safety in front of any working activity or aspect of the company. Safety take precedence over anything and is ingrained to everyone from day one.” Les Saunders, Health and Safety Manager.

For a copy of our health and safety policy please email