Invasive or problem weeds often spread rapidly, degrading the biodiversity and wildlife value of an area. Once established they can be difficult to eradicate, particularly in sensitive habitats.

Spraying on the A5

Spraying on the A5

AC Landscapes and Treeworks UK Ltd. offer a professional and effective end-to-end service for the control of invasive weed species including:

• Japanese knotweed
• Himalayan balsam
• Common ragwort
• Giant hogweed
• Buddleia
• Rhododendron

It is the infamous Japanese Knotweed that can grow through tarmac and concrete destroying our urban infrastructure, which has grabbed the headlines, and most people know as an invasive weed. As with most weeds an understanding of the ecology and a sensible approach can solve most invasive weed problems, even Japanese Knotweed!

Our weed control operatives hold the appropriate NPTC pesticide qualifications, and all arising’s are dealt with strictly within the limitations set out by the relevant legislation and as per industry good practice.
Our experienced team of professionals will work with you to develop a suitable eradication strategy tailored to meet your needs, whether it is a carefully targeted in an environmentally sensitive situation or a large multi functional, time critical eradication on development land.