Vegetation Management on the M42 southbound (Birmingham).

Keeping Britain Green

At AC Landscapes and Treeworks UK Ltd. We take great pride in ensuring the country’s green spaces are managed to the highest possible quality. We work anywhere and everywhere around the country and around the clock, night shifts and day shifts. Managing all types of vegetation in various ways shapes and forms. For many years we have had the pleasure of controlling the vegetation across the UK’s highway’s, waterway’s, railway’s and electricity network’s. This type of management is essential for the nations economy allowing homes to be lit, trains to move, boats to sail and cars to commute.

The impact of the disruption caused by trees and vegetation on major infrastructure is generally accepted as the single most inherent risk to maintaining services and public safety for those with responsibility for power network infrastructures, urban streetscapes, rural easements, parks and reserves and public buildings. Implementing and maintaining effective, efficient and sustainable vegetation management is a priority.

Vegetation management is about balancing the reduction of potential risks while minimising environmental disturbance. It requires the development of specialised management strategies which take into consideration many factors such as climate, terrain, vegetation species and local laws and regulations, safety, the environment and sustainability. The aim of professional vegetation management is to ensure nature, commercial infrastructures and the community exists in harmony.